We design and sell mini-lanscapes, automatic watering systems, green energy fountains, LED atmosphere strips and related WiFi controlled devices. All our products could be WiFi-controlled by free-download Android APP or Windows programs.

       我們設計並銷售迷你山水自動澆水器綠能源概念的噴水池LED情境燈條相關的WiFi控制用元件。我們所有的產品都可以使用免費下載的Android APP或微軟視窗軟體進行WiFi遙控。


1, Mini-Landscape

The waterway construted by real rocks, going through layers of green plants is controlled by a watering pump and with the LED simulating the sky light. This is the so called mini-landscape. It can refresh the air at home or in an office and looks amazingly healing. It is an exquisite and charming decor for the modern green life. Its size is width 45 cm, depth 27 cm and height 30 cm. Please watch the below video.






The link to detailed spec of the mini-lanscape 迷你山水詳細規格的連結:


有兩個地方可以參觀本產品。一是台北世貿一館四樓B35的恆鑠公司。另一個地方則是本公司信義路三段的工作室﹝請與微浮力人員聯絡 LeeYeh@wenfree.com﹞。


2, Daily automatic watering system

This is a small but smart watering system made by our WiFi Pump. Place all the plants in a row and the pump is timed to watering the plants once in a day. Users only have to fill the water container when it is near empty. The On/Off time of the pump and spray speed could be changed according to customers’ request. Please watch the below video.

2, 每天定時定量的自動澆水器





The link to detailed spec of the Auto Watering System 自動澆水器詳細規格的連結:


3, Green Energy Fountain

This is a water fountain presented by us at an extremely low cost.Only two materials are necessary in building such a fountain: A storage box which could be easily purchased in a store and our water pumps which are made of BLDC motors. 

3, 綠能源概念的噴水池



The number of sprays, the pattern of sprays and the period of the sprays could be decided up to our customer. Actually every control box can be connected to a WiFi AP and controlled by the PC software. If you are interested in, we can teach you how to design the water spray by using free-download software.



RGB LED strips could be added to the fountain in order to show in the night. The number of LED strips, the display pattern of LEDs and the period are all up to customer’s preference.



The link to detailed spec of the Pump 水邦浦詳細規格的連結:


4, Amazing LED Hallway

Maybe you don’t need the fountain but like the LED strips. Our WiFi controlled LED strips are very charming. We also design and sell LED hallway.

4, 變幻多彩的LED 光廊




5, Related WiFi Controlled Devices

Actually we have more than the above. We have 4 WiFi controlled devices as building blocks : A 12-cm square frame fan, a submersible water pump, a RGB LED strip light and a white LED strip light. Our free download software (Windows 7,8,10) enables you to build a WiFi controlled system with ease. The below is an example.

5, 相關的WiFi控制用元件




WiFi technology is great to access devices up to 300 meters in open-air areas or to probably 50 meters indoors. Using our WiFi-based products is very suitable to build a small garden, a green house, an atmosphere restaurant, an auto-controlled home or purely an art display.

WiFi 技術非常適合用來聯繫電子產品,室外空曠之處可達300多公尺,室內大約50公尺。運用我們以WiFi技術為基礎的產品,非常適合來建構一個小型庭園、溫室、情境餐廳、自動控制的家庭,或者純粹用於公共空間的藝術表現。